Sunday 1/26, Rancho San Antonio

TriValley runners met up at pre dawn for a Sunday morning run at Rancho San Antonio; it’s cold, dark, and it’s totally worth it 🙂

Since it’s a recovery run from Sat’s faster and longer run, today we took the Upper Wildcat loop at a casual pace. We counted total of 9 switch backs, and were rewarded amazing view of Silicon Valley once we were  at the summit.

Wildcat summit

Coming down was fast and no brainer, and surprisingly found ourselves looking at a coyote right in the face. Just like Joni Mitchell’s song —

I looked  a Coyote right in the face
On the road to Baljennie near my old home town
He went running through the whisker wheat
Chasing some prize down…..


You never know what to expect at trail runs 🙂