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On May 14, 2016, we had our week 2 half marathon training group run event. Weather was sunny but cool condition. 14 of our runners came out and got their 4-miler or 5-miler done. We had 6 of 13 new runners joined our group. Some of us went to Starbucks for post run social gathering! It is never too late to join our group run. It is FREE and come join us! Especially Thank You to Mamma Chia (Joann Van N.) for supporting us the Mamma Chia Squeeze Beverages. We also want to thank you smartypantsvitamins.com (Andrew K.), SunRype USA (Marcia D.), and Robert Lee, our group runner, donated Cliff Bars, and Kiyoko’s recycle foil wrapper for their supports! Happy running!

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