On May 29, 2016, we participated our Mountain To Beach Race in Venture, CA. This was a fast race and most of us tried to use this race for Boston Qualified.  Jay and CQ were BQ and Lucia’s new PR and I finished as expected (3:43:40). This was a hard race for me because the event organizer changed their course since 2014 and it had more flat and inclined miles start mile 14 to mile 20. Then, mile 20 to mile 25 were also inclined miles. They also moved the finish line toward Fair Grounds parking lot which made more difficult for me tried to finish the last mile. If you plan to use this race for BQ, you need to train on inclined miles, heat, and don’t expect a lot of down hills after mile 14 as they claimed. There was one good thing this year. It was a perfect overcast & cool running weather.  Normally, you would expect heat.

Happy Running!

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