On July 2, 2016, Michele hosted our Saturday morning group run at Guadalupe River Trail in San Jose, CA. 9 of our runners joined this awesome run. It was sunny and warm weather. Along the trail, we stopped for a photo ops at mammoth sculpture. Post run meal afterward & catching up with great friends. It is never too late to join our group run. It is FREE and come join us!

Happy running

2016-07-02nd-TVRC-SJ-Group-Run-Course-run-1-Photo-Credit-Felix  2016-07-02nd-TVRC-SJ-Group-Run-Course-run-2-Photo-Credit-Felix  2016-07-02nd-TVRC-SJ-Group-Run-Course-run-3-Photo-Credit-Felix  2016-07-02nd-TVRC-SJ-Group-Run-Course-run-4-Photo-Credit-Felix  2016-07-02nd-TVRC-SJ-Group-Run-Post-run-Photo-Credit-Felix

Photo credited: Michele and Felix