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Stoneridge Orchards: The Royal Ridge Fruits Family

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Stoneridge Orchards is the leading brand of premium dried whole Montmorency Tart Cherries, berries and other whole fruits.  Always delicious, our all-natural and organic dried fruits are available from retailers across North America.  They are the perfect snack for active lifestyles and a yummy addition to trail mixes, yogurt, hot or cold breakfast cereals, baked goods, pasta sauces, and paired with your favorite wine and cheese!

Thank you Stoneridge Orchards and Mila S. for the donating samples of Montmorency Cherries for our Trivalley Running Club runners to try them out during our group runs.  I tried Montmorency Cherries and love them – all natural dried fruits!


27-Oct: Fun Run at Sports Basement in San Ramon

1-Dec-2016 - Fun Run at Sports Basement in San Ramon

1-Dec: Fun Run at Sports Basement in San Ramon