On November 12, 2016, I traveled to Azusa, CA and ran the Revel Canyon Marathon. This was my second time running this event. Last year, I ran this event and finished 3:38:27 (H:MM:SS). I was eight minutes short to my Boston Qualified (BQ) times of 3:30:00.

This year, I participated 2,016 miles challenge event. This challenge was to run 5.5 miles each day for one year. I knew this challenge kept me grounded and injury free so I can train accordingly. For the weekends, I did extra back-to-back miles to enhance my endurance.

For my nutrition, I changed my lunch to all veggies diet, took electrolyte hydration drinks and chia seeds after my training runs and tested out TeamHotShot for couple of my races to prevent cramping.

As the result of my running lifestyle changes, I qualified to Boston Marathon with finish times of 3:28:22 (H:MM:SS), and cut 10 minutes from last year. New personal records (PRs) for my Marathon and Half Marathon (1:32:16) as well. Thank you to God, Trivalley Running Club for your supports, and TeamHotShot for helping me to prevent cramps and pushed through tough hills! #bostonqualifier #boston2018 #roadtoboston



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My BQ Trials. F.A.I.L. – First Attempt In Learning
2016-Nov-12: Revel Canyon, 3:28:22, BQed!
2016-May-29: M2B, 3:43:40, BQ 4th trial time (Fail E.N.D. – Efforts Never Die)
2015-Nov-07: Revel Canyon, 3:38:27, BQ 3rd trial time (Fail – I’m Possible)
2014-May-25: M2B, 3:43:49, BQ 2nd trial time (Fail – Closer)
2013-May-26: M2B, 3:51:15, BQ 1st trial time (Fail – what’s BQ?)
*M2B: Mountain To Beach
— My Eureka Moment —
2013: Co-Founded Trivalley Running Club, Dublin, CA
2012: Ran for fun
2011: Ran for fun
2010: Started running & ran my first San Francisco Marathon on 25-Jul, 5:08:43
2009 and before… Never run a day in my life but was inspired by my in-laws, Mai, as she was always out for a short run whenever I went to visit my in-laws. Thus, I was asked to tryout couple events. My goal was always family events and works. I worked a lot!