On January 1, 2016, I started my Run The Year (RTY) 2016 Challenge by Run The Edge. The challenge was to run 2,016 miles in one year, an average of 5.5 miles per day, for 365 days. This was my new year’s resolution challenge and my goals were to have the ability to run daily, injury free, and to qualify for Boston by end of the year.

My plan was to run 5.5 miles each day, longer miles on the weekend, and participated road and trail running events whenever it was possible. My paces were between 10:30 min/ml to 14:30 min/ml on my daily runs. Someday I ran on the flat course and other day I did hilly course. I used my daily runs to train for my weekend races. The run pace and course were spontaneous and it was depending on how my body reacted to each morning.  I rested when my body needed. Otherwise, I was trying to run daily. The fix variable were early morning hour and met the 5.5-miler each day. In order for me to make this a daily routine, I setup a dedicated space in my garage where I had my daily running gears ready each night so I will be ready to do my early morning runs. My running gears were jackets, long T-shirts, hat, gloves, short, buff, headlamp, earphones, calf sleeves, and two pairs of Hoka One One shoes (Hoka One One Men’s Rapa Nui 2).

The hardest months were from January to March. It was cold, rain, dark early morning but eventually, I gridded through them… Just one foot in front another. Then Spring and Summer months from April to September flew by as my body was used to the daily runs. The last three months from October to December were my best months. I felt my body adapted this daily routine and my run got strong and faster.

I completed 2,016 miles on November 26, 2016 and more than one month ahead of the challenge and accomplished my new year’s resolution goals:
* Ability to run daily (Checked)
* Injury free (Checked)
* Qualified to run Boston Marathon in 2018 (Checked) [ See details ]
* In 2016, I ran total of 2,237 miles!

Throughout the weeks and months, I changed my running gears except Hoka One One. These two pairs of shoes kept me through the daily grids and helped me from injury free. Now, I just wore Hoka for my training runs and races. Thank you Hoka One One!


Each pair logged 1,000 miles, a total of 2,000 miles combined

Thank you Run The Edge for setup this program and made me a believer “ANYBODY CAN DO IT!”

Mileages Per Month


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2016-31st-dec 2016-total-miles


Run The Year 2016

Imagine yourself doing something BIG in 2016. Imagine yourself doing something that will get you into the best shape of your life. Imagine making a New Years Resolution that lasts all year long. Imagine taking a friend with you on a journey to health, happiness, and achievement. This might sound impossible, but believe us when we say: “ANYBODY CAN DO IT!”

Welcome to Run The Year 2016 – 2,016 in 2016 Challenge presented by Run The Edge. We’re challenging you to run, walk, or crawl 2,016 miles in 2016. We want you to use your feet to get you to the finish line. Run The Year with us and an amazing community of like-minded people who will encourage you, celebrate your accomplishments, and (most importantly) keep you running and walking as you cover 2,016 miles in a single year.

Our goal is to make the Run The Year Challenge as motivating and fun as possible. Run The Edge promises to pour our hearts and souls into making this challenge an exciting year long journey. We’re in it to help you make a goal and stick with it. Are you ready to join us?
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