On April 29, 2017, I ran Mt. Charleston Marathon in Las Vegas to see I could get a better Boston qualifying times for Boston Marathon in 2018. As the result, I finished with 3:30:09 (H:MM:SS). I didn’t get better BQ time at this event. I was surprised and happy that I finished with this finished time as I struggled to maintain my paces after mile 6.  With the unexpected right calf injured and lack of speed workouts during my 16-week of training cycle, I learned a lot from this event.

The Mt. Charleston Marathon was a graduated downhills course and a lot of flat miles. If you are a track runner and able to maintain tempo pace on the track, this is your race. As for me, I trained tempo pace on the track but didn’t do enough to run this course. Thus, If I do this race again, I would train on flat course and long tempo run on the track. Lastly, I want to say thank you to John Hanson, Mary Ann Ancheta, and Yen (Bob) Chen for a great road trip and sharing an awesome experience with all of you! Thank you to my Trivalley Running Club for your supports and encouragement through my training cycle! The quest to Boston Marathon continuing on…


I’ve documented “My Quest To Run Boston Marathon” below and why I chose this race as well as my 16-week of training logs. I hope this will help you to quest your BQ!

Photo credited: Mary Ann Ancheta

—– My Quest To Run Boston Marathon Logs —–

I ran REVEL Canyon Marathon in Azusa, CA with finished times of 3:28:22 (H:MM:SS) and beat my Boston Qualifying time of 3:30:00 by 1 minutes & 48 seconds in 2016. I was happy with my BQed times but this won’t guarantee my chance to get acceptance to run Boston Marathon in 2018.  Thus, my quest to run Boston Marathon is still a dream and hope to become a reality at Mt. Charleston Marathon. My BQ goal is to run 3:25:00 or 3:27:00 finish times.

Shortly after I finished my REVEL Canyon Marathon, I knew that I have to run a better BQ times in 2017 for me to have a chance to run Boston Marathon in 2018. While I was waiting for my flight back home at Burbank Airport, I met two runners, Todd Beach and David Lee. We were in the process of getting our foods. We recognized each others because I wore the REVEL Canyon race shirt and we were walking funny (Post race old people walker funny). Both of them were BQed at this race and they recommended that I should run Mt. Charleston for better BQ times. I heard about Mt. Charleston Marathon from my running group as well. Couple weeks later, I registered Mt. Charleston Marathon and began my quest to run Boston Marathon, the 6th times!

This time, I planned to train harder and logging more miles to improve my endurance. My training plan consisted of gym workout, higher weekday run mileages, and longer weekend runs. (Week 1 to Week 11)
* Total mileages per week: 50 to 80 miles for 16-weeks (1-Jan – 23-Apr)
* Sun: Long run 15 to 30 miles (RN3 or RN4)
* Mon: Rest or Gym workout
* Tue: Run 5 to 10 miles (RN4) or 4 to 6 miles (RN7), Flat course/Track
* Wed: Run 5 to 10 miles (RN4) or 4 to 6 miles (RN7), Hill repeats
* Thu: Run 5 to 10 miles (RN4) or 4 to 6 miles (RN7), Hill repeats
* Fri: Run 5 to 10 miles (RN4) or 4 to 6 miles (RN7), Flat course/Track
* Sat: Run 10 to 15 miles (RN3 or RN4)

Running logs

Total training miles for 16-Weeks
* Estimated: 800 miles
* Actual logged: 560 miles

Goal accomplishments
* Gym workouts – Not accomplish due to right wrist injured
* Higher mileages during weekday runs – Not accomplish due to right calf injured
* Longer weekend runs – Not accomplish due to works, prior commitment events, & injuries
* Stuck with my plan and gave it my best for a strong finish!

Week 16: 23-Apr – 29-Apr: Total: 37.4 miles
* Sun: 23-Apr: Worked.
* Mon: 24-Apr: Rest. Taper
* Tue: 25-Apr:  Rest. Taper
* Wed: 26-Apr: Morning run, 4.7 miles, RN5
* Thu: 27-Apr: Evening group run. 6.3 miles, RN6
* Fri: 28-Apr: Travel to Mt. Charleston, bib pickup, & checkout the course
* Sat: 29-Apr: Race day, 26.4 miles, 3:30:09
* Goal: Tapering and Race day

Week 15: 16-Apr – 22-Apr: Total: 28.9 miles
* Sun: 16-Apr: Morning run, hills workout, 9.1 miles
* Mon: 17-Apr: Rest. Raining day
* Tue: 18-Apr: Rest. Raining day
* Wed: 19-Apr: Morning run, 7.2 miles, RN6
* Thu: 20-Apr: Evening group run, 5.7 miles, RN5
* Fri: 21-Apr: Morning downhill workout, 6.9 miles, RN5
* Sat: 22-Apr: Worked
* Goal: Focusing on speed workout & maintaining 7:30 pace

Week 14: 9-Apr – 15-Apr: Total: 4.6 miles
* Sun: 9-Apr: Rest. Recovery from yesterday ultra run
* Mon: 10-Apr: Rest. Recovery from ultra run
* Tue: 11-Apr: Rest. Recovery from ultra run
* Wed: 12-Apr: Rest. Recovery from ultra run
* Thu: 13-Apr: Evening group run, 4.6 miles, RN4, light rain
* Fri: 14-Apr: Rest. Camping at Mount Diablo for Brazen event
* Sat: 15-Apr: Rest. Volunteering and family activities
* Goal: Focusing on speed workout & maintaining 7:30 pace

Week 13: 2-Apr – 8-Apr: Total: 59.3 miles
* Sun: 2-Apr: Morning run, 14.7 miles, Mission Peak hills workout, 4400 ft elevation
* Mon: 3-Apr: Rest.
* Tue: 4-Apr: Rest.
* Wed: 5-Apr: Evening track run, 5 miles, RN5
* Thu: 6-Apr: Evening group run, 5.6 miles, RN5
* Fri: 7-APr: Rest. Travel to Virgin, UT
* Sat: 8-Apr: Zion 55K trail run, 34 miles, RN5, hill workout, 4032 ft elevation
* Goal: Hill training & prepare for Zion 55K ultra trail run

Week 13: 26-Mar – 1-Apr: Total: 44.7miles
* Sun: 26-Mar: Paced Livermore Half marathon, 13.1, RN5
* Mon: 27-Mar: Rest. 4 tablets Motrin due to body felt sick
* Tue: 28-Mar: Morning run, 6.6 miles RN5, Track, Rain
* Wed: 29-Mar: Morning run, 5.7 miles, Track, tempo, dynamic pre/post workouts
* Thu: 30-Mar: Morning run, 5 miles, Track, tempo, dynamic pre/post workouts, Evening run, 4.7 miles, RN4
* Fri: 31-Mar: Rest
* Sat: 01-Apr: Morning Group run, 9.6, RN4
* Goal: Trying to get back to normal speed paces

Week 12: 19-Mar – 25-Mar: Total: 20.2 miles
* Sun: 19-Mar: Morning run, 12.6 miles (4 miles RN4, 2 miles RN5, 2 miles RN6, 2 miles RN7, 2.6 miles cool down)
* Mon: 20-Mar: Rest. 4 tablets Motrin due to body felt sick
* Tue: 21-Mar: Morning run, 5 miles RN5, Track, Rain
* Wed: 22-Mar: Rest
* Thu: 23-Mar: Morning run, 5 miles, Track, tempo, dynamic pre/post workouts, Evening group run, 7.2 miles, RN4
* Fri: 24-Mar: Rest
* Sat: 25-Mar: Morning Group run, 2.7 miles, RN4,
* Goal: Trying to get back to normal running

Week 11: 12-Mar – 18-Mar: Total: 24.52 miles
* Sun: 12-Mar: Morning run, 7.52 miles, RN2, Soccer field, right calf soreness instead of sharp pain, 4 tablets Motrin
* Mon: 13-Mar: Rest. 4 tablets Motrin
* Tue: 14-Mar: Late afternoon walk, 1 mile, RN1, No Motrin
* Wed: 15-Mar: Morning track, 5 miles, RN3, run/walks. 4 tablets Motrin due to headache
* Thu: 16-Mar: Morning run, 4.3 miles, RN4 track
* Fri: 17-Mar: Evening run, 6.7, 4 miles RN4, 2.7 miles cool down,  4 tablets Motrin due to body felt sick
* Sat: 18-Mar: Rest and family event. 4 tablets Motrin due to body felt sick
* Goal: Trying to get back to normal running

Week 10: 05-Mar – 11-Mar: Total: 9 miles (*Red: Injured)
* Sun: 05-Mar: Morning run, 3.5, RN4, right calf pain returned
* Mon: 06-Mar: Rest. right calf sharp pain
* Tue: 07-Mar: Rest. right calf sharp pain
* Wed: 08-Mar: Rest. right calf sharp pain
* Thu: 09-Mar: Group run evening, 2.56, RN2, walking/jogging, right calf sharp pain
* Fri: 10-Mar: Morning run, 2 miles, RN2, walking, right calf pain, 4 tablets Motrin
* Sat: 11-Mar: Morning Group run, 1 mile, RN2, walking and supporting group run, 4 tablets Motrin
* Goal: Rest and trying to heal my right calf

Week 9: 26-Feb – 4-Mar: Total: 47 miles
* Sun: 26-Feb: Rest. Family event (basketball tournaments)
* Mon: 27-Feb: Rest. Rain overnight
* Tue: 28-Feb: Morning run, 7.57, RN5 hills run
* Wed: 01-Mar: Morning run, 5.42, RN5 hills run | Evening run, 4.33, RN4, flat
* Thu: 02-Mar: Morning run, 6.31, RN4 hills run & Group run evening, 3.45, RN4, flat
* Fri: 03-Mar: Morning run, 5.35, RN4 hills run
* Sat: 04-Mar: Morning Group run, 15.06, RN4, RN5, RN6
* Goal: Trying to get back to normal running after 3 weeks of right calf issue

Week 8: 19-Feb – 25-Feb: Total: 8.47 miles (*Red: Injured)
* Sun: 19-Feb: Rest. Rain. Healing right calf
* Mon: 20-Feb: Rest. Rain. Healing right calf
* Tue: 21-Feb: Rest. Rain. Healing right calf. Family event
* Wed: 22-Feb: Rest. Healing right calf. Family event
* Thu: 23-Feb: Early evening run, 2.83, RN4 & Family event (softball practice)
* Fri: 24-Feb: Rest. Healing right calf. Family event  (basketball practice)
* Sat: 25-Feb: Morning family event (basketball tournaments). Ran in afternoon, 5.64, RN4. Right calf healed.
* Goal: Easy run so I can rest on sore right calf (Last week of rest)

Week 7: 12-Feb – 18-Feb: Total: 24 miles (*Red: Injured)
* Sun: 12-Feb: Sunday morning run, 7.46 miles, RN3 & RN4, Sore right calf. I did test long run at soccer field. My right calf felt much better
* Mon: 13-Feb: Rest. Rain
* Tue: 14-Feb: Rest. Rain
* Wed: 15-Feb: Morning rain, 3.28 miles, RN4, Continuing to test my run
* Thu: 16-Feb: Hosted Thursday Fun Run, 3.37 miles, RN4 and RN6. Tested my speed and still have sore right calf
* Fri: 17-Feb: Rest.
* Sat: 18-Feb: Hosted morning group run, 9.77 miles, RN4. Rain. Still felt tightness of right calf but I felt improvement with rest
* Goal: Easy run so I can rest on sore right calf

Week 6: 5-Feb – 11-Feb: Total: 36 miles (*Red: Injured)
* Sun: 05-Feb: Sunday morning run, 22.22 miles, RN4 (Right calf sore)
* Mon: 06-Feb: Rest. Right calf has a sharp pain when I ran so no running today
* Tue: 07-Feb: Morning run, 3.48, RN2. Right calf still had sharp pain after two miles. Thus, I walked after that.
* Wed: 08-Feb: Morning run, 3.48 miles, RN4, Sore right calf
* Thu: 09-Feb: Hosted Thursday Fun Run, 2.33 miles, RN4, Sore right calf
* Fri: 10-Feb: Rest. Sore right calf
* Sat: 11-Feb: Hosted pacing for our group. Ran 4.3 mile (5K+), RN4. My sore right calf prevented me to do any long run
* Goal: Easy run so I can rest on sore right calf

Week 5: 29-Jan – 4-Feb: Total: 55 miles
* Sun: 29-Jan: Sunday morning run, 21 miles, RN4
* Mon: 30-Jan: Rest day
* Tue:  31-Jan: Morning run, 6.55 miles – RN4 uphills, RN5 downhills
* Wed: 01-Feb: Morning run, 6.35 miles – RN4 uphills, RN4 downhills
* Thu: 02-Feb: Morning run, 5.78 miles – RN4 uphills, RN4 downhills, Evening run, 3.45 miles, RN4 (Rain)
* Fri: 03-Feb: Rest (Due to pouring rain, I told a rest day)
* Sat: 04-Feb: Host group run – 12.83 miles – 4.5 miles, RN5 and rest miles RN4
* Goal: Hills training and speed training
* Right calf was sore so I told it easy on Saturday run

Week 4: 22-Jan – 28-Jan: Total: 53 miles

*Sun: 22-Jan: Race Supports & Run for Sandra Vi, 12.46 miles, RN4
* Mon: 23-Jan: Rest day
* Tue:  24-Jan: Morning run, 6.44 miles – RN4
* Wed: 25-Jan: Morning run, 6.98 miles – RN4
* Thu: 26-Jan: Morning run, 6.51 miles – RN4, Evening run, 3.45 miles, RN4
* Fri: 27-Jan: Morning run, 6.48 miles – RN4
* Sat: 28-Jan: Host group run – 10.88 miles – RN4, RN7 for 1 mile downhill
* Goal: Last week of base training
* This week was trying to do 50 miles per week. Goal accomplished

Week 3: 15-Jan – 21-Jan: Total: 49 miles

* Sun: 15-Jan: Morning run – 20.49 miles – RN4 and Worked shoulders & squats
* Mon: 16-Jan: Rest day
* Tue:  17-Jan: Morning run, 6.21 miles – RN4
* Wed: 18-Jan: Morning run, 5.39 miles – RN4
* Thu: 19-Jan: Morning run, 6.66 miles – RN4
* Fri: 20-Jan: Rest day
* Sat: 21-Jan: Host group run – 10.62 miles – RN4
* Goal: Base training
* This week was to prepare my body to support Sandra Vi run on Sunday, 22-Jan. Weather was pouring rain, cold, and strong winds

Week 2: 8-Jan – 14-Jan: Sun-Sat: Total: 40 miles
* Sun: 8-Jan: Morning run – 9.07 miles – RN4 (Rain)
* Mon: 9-Jan: Rest
* Tue: 10-Jan: Morning run – 6.53 miles – RN4 (Rain)
* Wed: 11-Jan: Rest
* Thu: 12-Jan: Morning run – 6.35 miles – RN4 (Rain)
* Fri: 13-Jan: Morning run – 6.35 miles – RN4
* Sat: 14-Jan: Host group run – 8.93 miles – RN4, and Worked shoulders & squats
* Goal: Base training
* Week 2 was another tough week. Rain.rain.rain. So I was able to do short distance runs and did gym workout session on my shoulders and squats

Week 1: 1-Jan – 7-Jan: (Sun – Sat): Total: 45 miles
* Sun: 1-Jan: Race – Brazen New Year’s Eve Half Marathon (2:09:26), RM7
* Mon: 2-Jan: Rest – Gym workout
* Tue: 3-Jan: Morning run – 6.5 miles – RN4
* Wed: 4-Jan: Morning run – 5.46 miles – RN4
* Thu: 5-Jan: Thursday Fun Run – 10.11 miles – RN4
* Fri: 6-Jan: Rest
*Sat: 7-Jan: Host group run – 9.99 miles – RN4 (Rain)
* Goal: Base training
* Week 1 was a tough week. With the rain and freezing temperature, I wasn’t up to execute my runs & mileages as I’d planned. I will try again next week. F.A.I.L. – First Attempted In Learning.

Weekly Target Goals:
* Base training – RN3, RN4. I focused on endurance and longer distances
* Speed training – RN5, RN6, RN7. I focused on speed works and shorter distances

Nike Run Meters Definition (RN##)
– 3 – Light: Like speed walking
– 4 – Moderate: Like slow jog, able to talk
– 5 – Considerable: Heavier breathing, heart rate up
– 6 – Challenging: Breathing hard, not talking much
– 7 – Hard: Tough workout, hard to talk
– 8 – Very Hard: Breathing very hard, whole body tired
– 9 – Extremely Hard: Almost maxed out, no talking
– 10 – Max Effort: Hardest I can possibly work

Gym workouts by legionathletics.com 
* Shoulders [ Workout ]
* Quads [ Workout ]

Train, Work, and Life Balances

Train: 6 days a week
Work: Full time as Project Manager for Oracle
* Single Dad w/two kids
* My kids heaths, educations, and after school activities are my priorities
* Running keep me grounded and enjoy life… one day at a time

Runner BQ Information
* Runner BQ: Darin Swanston His story was posted to Boston fb site
Do you dream about making it to Boston? If so, we want to hear all about it. Send us your story to stories@baa.org, and you might become our next Boston Marathon Qualifier Spotlight!#bostonqualifier #boston2018 #roadtoboston