Trivalley Running Club and Sports Basement at San Ramon Store kicked off our Thursday Fun Run Bi-Monthly Challenge! So get off your couch, laces up your running shoes, and join our each AWESOME WEEK FUN Challenge!

Our Thursday Fun Run Bi-Monthly Challenge is from May to June 2017
* We meet once a week on Thursday night at Sports Basement in San Ramon for 9 weeks
* Each week, we suggest a 4.5 miles starting from 6:30 PM to 7:45 PM PT.
* You will log your miles via our online site
* At the end of 9 weeks, runner complete the Thursday Fun Run Bi-Monthly Challenge of 40 miles will receive a complimentary reward from SportsBasement

Important Notes:
* First and foremost, this is not a race. Our goal is to encourage you to live an active life and share our running experiences
* For each meetup, you may run more 4.5 miles in 1hr-15min, however, a maximum of 6 miles will count toward our challenge. Again, this challenge is not how fast you can log number of miles in two months but it is a challenge of you participating and sharing your joys of running with our community!
* Runners logged 40 miles in two months to qualify for a reward from Sports Basement
* Virtual run will not count toward Thursday Fun Run Bi-Monthly Challenge

Meetup dates:
04-May – W1: Kick off Challenge – Complete
11-May – W2: Meetup – Complete
18-May – W3: Meetup – Complete
25-May – W4: Meetup – Upcoming
01-Jun – W5: Meetup
08-Jun – W6: Meetup
15-Jun – W7: Meetup
22-Jun – W8: Meetup
29-Jun – W9: End of Bi-Monthly Challenge & Reward

Meetup location:
1041 Market Place San Ramon, CA

Course map link:

Host by:
Trivalley Running Club: Michael V, Herman C.
Sports Basment: Evelyn A.

If you have any question, please send us an email at trivalleyrunningclub@gmail.com Thank you

Week 3: Meetup… Warm evening with great company! Join us!

Week 2: Meetup… They ran! What are you waiting for?

Week 1: Kick Off Bi-Monthly Challenge