Trivalley Running Club and Sports Basement at San Ramon Store kicked off our Thursday Fun Run Bi-Monthly Challenge! So get off your couch, laces up your running shoes, and join our each AWESOME WEEK FUN Challenge!

Our Thursday Fun Run Bi-Monthly Challenge is from May to June 2017
* We meet once a week on Thursday night at Sports Basement in San Ramon for 9 weeks
* Each week, we suggest a 4.5 miles starting from 6:30 PM to 7:45 PM PT.
* You will log your miles via our online site
* At the end of 9 weeks, runner complete the Thursday Fun Run Bi-Monthly Challenge of 40 miles will receive a complimentary reward from SportsBasement

Important Notes:
* First and foremost, this is not a race. Our goal is to encourage you to live an active life and share our running experiences
* For each meetup, you may run more 4.5 miles in 1hr-15min, however, a maximum of 6 miles will count toward our challenge. Again, this challenge is not how fast you can log number of miles in two months but it is a challenge of you participating and sharing your joys of running with our community!
* Runners logged 40 miles in two months to qualify for a reward from Sports Basement
* Virtual run will not count toward Thursday Fun Run Bi-Monthly Challenge

Meetup dates:
04-May – W1: Kick off Challenge – Complete
11-May – W2: Meetup – Complete
18-May – W3: Meetup – Complete
25-May – W4: Meetup – Complete
01-Jun – W5: Meetup – Complete
08-Jun – W6: Meetup – Complete
15-Jun – W7: Meetup – Complete
22-Jun – W8: Meetup – Complete
29-Jun – W9: End of Bi-Monthly Challenge & Reward – Complete

Meetup location:
1041 Market Place San Ramon, CA

Course map link:

Host by:
Trivalley Running Club: Michael V, Herman C., Jay L.
Sports Basement: Evelyn A. / Mitch Stein

If you have any question, please send us an email at trivalleyrunningclub@gmail.com Thank you

Celebrate Party:
* 19 runners participated our Bi-Monthly Challenge
* 4 runners completed 40+ miles
* 5 runners completed close to 40 miles
Thank you Sports Basement & Mitch Stein for supporting our Bi-Monthly Challenge and Congratulation to all finishers!

Completed 40 miles in our challenge. Thank you to Sports Basement for rewards

Completed enough miles challenge and Thank you Sports Basement for rewards

Thank you Laura for tracking the challenge and Sports Basement for reward

Thank you Jay for hosting our group run when I was not available and Sports Basement for reward

Thank you Herman for hosting our group run when I was not available and Sports Basement for reward

Week 9: Finals! AWESOME & Jump for JOYS!
Week 8: Meetup…Hot weather!
Week 7: Meetup… Summer is here! Join us!
Week 6: Meetup… While we were out running, just reminder, Go Warriors!

Week 5: Meetup… Don’t just read our post, join us with great company! Go Warriors!Week 4: Meetup… With great company! Join us!
Week 3: Meetup… Warm evening with great company! Join us!
Week 2: Meetup… They ran! What are you waiting for?
Week 1: Kick Off Bi-Monthly Challenge