On June 7, 2017, it was Global Running Day. We hosted a one day challenge. Post your run or runs between 8:00 am to 9:00 pm PT in our FB post comment only, you may earn lottery gift cards from Sports Basement!

On Thursday, 8-Jun, we announced the lottery winners at our Thursday Fun Run Meetup. The winners were:
* Peter Chan – $25.00 Sports Basement gift card
* Betty Taylor – $25.00 Sports Basement gift card
* Jonathan Casanova Arellano – Medal sponsored by John R. Hanson & Jennifer Farber
Happy Global Running Day everyone!

Posted his or her run & will be in lottery drawing:
Michael Va
Hoang Ngo
Sarbajeet Naug
Michele Sun
Yolanda Fintschenko
Betty Taylor
Erica Hubbard
Chris Lee
Michael Tung
Lucia Chacon
Benjamin Ting
Yen Chen
Tyler Allison
Jonathan Casanova Arellano
Kimberly Carrera Ong
Peter Chan
Venkatesh Sivapur
John R. Hanson
Will Hoang
Robert Lee
Eric Collier
Curtis Lillie
Anil Gorti
Venkat Ram
Laura Hackel
Vivek Jain
Jennifer L. Farber
Ada Chan
Jay Lee
Herman Chan
Joyce Lee
David Angel
Gaf Bros
Deanna Kwong
Mary Convento
Bertrand Newson

Special awards for runners participated “Global Running Day”