On Friday night March 23, 2018, we hosted our 50K Ohlone In the Dark trail run. Below is our event information.

Join us for a nighttime 50K point to point (~8k elevation gain) run from the Mission Peak Trail-head at Ohlone College Entrance to Lake Del Valle. You will need to buy a $2.00 Ohlone wilderness permit and have it in hand when we meet up at 8:30 pm.

Overnight lows could reach into the high 20’s. There is no fresh water you will need a filter. There will likely be mud. Bring a light. Bring plenty of calories.

Meetup Date: Friday, 23-Mar
Meetup Location: Starbucks at 43587 Mission Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539
Meetup Time: 8:30 PM PT
Start Run: 8:45 PM PT
Duration: 8 hrs
End run: Sat, 5:00 AM PT or earlier
End location: Lichen Bark Parking Lot – 7000 Del Valle Rd, Livermore, CA 94550
Weather: If it is raining, it will be muddy so be prepared if you still plan to run when it is raining.

Once you decide to join this night run, please read below instruction and your action required.

Pre-Run action items require per runner
* $2.00: Each runner to buy Ohlone Wilderness Map Permit & bring it with you
* $5.00 per person – Zack to purchase a group backpacking permit for confirmed runners. There is no refund.
* $0.00 to park your car at Lake Del Valle. You need to decide to leave your car at Lake Del Valle Parking Lot or not. Please coordinate with Zack
* Since we need to leave cars at Lake Del Valle on Friday early evening, we need someone to take those drivers back to home or to start-line at Ohlone College. Once we confirmed this activities, we will add the details.
Estimate of cars
– 4~5 runners: 1 car
– 5~9 runners: 2 cars
– so on…
* Have your emergency information avaialble and carry it with you
* Prepare post-run drop bags and give your drop bag to the drivers plan to leave their cars at Lake Del Valle

Run Night
* Be on-time and ensure you are healthy to do night run
* See “What to bring?”
* Be patient and stay together. No one should run by himself/herself
* Weather: Overnight lows could reach into the high 20’s so gear-up layer apparels

Post-Run action
* Plan to arrive Lake Del Valle early morning (Lichen Bark Parking Lot) and park gate may not open yet so prepare change of clothes and something to eat/drink
* Post run breakfast is optional
* Drivers to take runners back to start-line

What to bring?
* Ohlone Wilderness permit
* Backpacking permit
* Your own safety information
* Running vest/trail pack
* Water
* Water filter
* Gels
* BARs
* Headlamp or belt lamp and extra batteries
* Cellular Phone & extra charger

Post-run drop bag to leave with cars at Lake Del Valle
– Change of clothes, shoes, towel
– Food/snacks
– Water

Lake Del Valle Regional Park
7000 Del Valle Rd, Livermore, CA 94550
(510) 544-3146
Lichen Bark Parking Lot

Ohlone College Fremont Campus
43600 Mission Blvd
Fremont, CA 94539
(510) 659-6000

Your own safety information
– contact:
– tel#:
– Health Insurance info:
– Dr. Name & tel#
– Your home address