Kiyoko calls herself an “on and off” runner, but we think it’s a lot more “on” than “off” by looking at what she has accomplished: M2B 2013, Boston 2013, Skyline 50k, Eco trail Brussels 2013, Osaka 2012, SFM 2012, Eco Trail Paris 2012, Great Wall of China Marathon 2012, Matagalls Montserrat 2011 & 2010.

This running around the world girl’s favorite run is at Rancho, and she likes to watch BTN and her favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffanys. You can find Mahler 9th by Karajan on her playlist.

We asked her —

  • What’s your bragging right — aliens know that I run
  • Two people that I’d enjoy doing a long run with — Vinh and Podcast
  • Two truths and one lie about you — ❤ baking traveling and shopping
  • Best advice you ever gave or got — It’s a journey rather than destination
  • How do we follow you —



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