Marcia Marcia has been a runner for 15 years, who has completed North Face 50k, NWM, Chicago Marathon..etc. When not running or volunteering, she enjoys watching Survivor, Chicago Fire, Amazing Race on TV and her favorite movies are Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump, Clueless.

What would she rather be doing during the day other than running? This energetic runner said “probably sleeping and relaxing!”

We asked her —

  • Your bragging right – Completed my first TRI in 2013, not much of a brag to most folks but for me, swimming was a huge fear for me.
  • Two people that you’d enjoy doing a long run with – Anyone that has 2 legs, LOL!
  • Tell us two truth and one lie about yourself – 1. I’ve never lived outside of CA 2. I was born in a car 3. I love to play tennis
  • Best advice you ever gave or got – Be happy with who you are not what everyone wants you to be!!



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