Michael Van

Nick named Mike Va by running friends, Michael has been running for four years but have completed many races that he lost count, so he just named a few here: Brazen New Year Day Half 2014, Brazen Bay Breeze Half, Livermore Half.., but our webmaster knows that Michael has done The North Face 50 mile Challenge, Mountain to Beach, Rock n’ Roll San Jose. Amazing how our webmaster has better memory than him.

Michael’s favorite places to run are Los Gatos Creek Trail, Rancho, and Iron Horse Trail, and he enjoys watching House of Cards to unwind. What would this busy Project Manager enjoy doing all day? Run, eat, & sleep (in that order, yes)

Bragging right? “It’s not bragging when I tell you how many miles I ran today. It’s so you don’t judge when I devour the whole bag of chips.”

Who are the few that you will enjoy doing long run with? Jesi & Vinh for 50 Miles; Maxime and Joseph for 50K ( webmaster: hmm.. any logic behind this?)

So, tell us two truths and one lie about yourself? My first full marathon was San Francisco Marathon, my first half marathon was Santa Cruz Half, & my first place age group was Oracle 5K run

Best advice you can give us: focus on the task at hand

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