Michele Sun

MicheleMichele has been running for 6 years, thanks to Team In Training, after completing the Nike Woman SF Half and earning the Tiffany necklace she found herself truly enjoy the solitude of running in pre-dawn hours and the sanity comes from running. She is not a fast runner, but she trains hard for every races she signed up for. She has completed R’nR’ San Diego Marathon ’06, ’19,  Anchorage Marathon ’07, Marine Corp Marathon ’10, Surf City Marathon ’10, Long Beach Marathon ’10,  CIM ’12, Tokyo Marathon ’12 & ’13, Paris Marathon ’13, and the crazy New Year Eve 6HR Endurance race.

With all the destination races under her belt, her favorite is Marine Corp Marathon in D.C., as it’s emotional and patriotic!! “I felt the tears welling in my eyes at mile 22, and I had to hold it till crossing the finish line. I cried so hard when the marine put the medal on my neck, and I just cried and hugged the complete stranger (runner) next to me.” Her favorite trail to run at is Cinderella in Oakland, but she only does that once an year as an annual special run.

When not running, she enjoys reading and foreign cinema and she doesn’t watch any TV. You mostly likely will find Yo-yo Ma, Joshua Bell, Cold Play and Keane on her playlist. And if it’s up to her, she would rather be going to cafe and enjoy good coffee, good pastry and good book!      GU

We asked her –

  • Your bragging right — GU Crew Athlete 2013 & 2014
  • Two people that you’d enjoy doing a long run with — Kilian Jornet and Joshua Holmes :-p
  • Two truths and one lie about you — speak 5 languages, won first essay contest at age of 6 and played in Lady MacBeth
  • Best advice you ever gave or got — practice makes perfection and it applies to everything in life
  • How do we follow you?  — www.michelesun.com



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