Peter Chan

PeterPeter has been a runner for 2 years, and has already completed 68 races (a total of 833.5 race miles) from Oct 2011 to Jan 2014. 8 x 50k, 25 x Half Marathon, 1 x Full Marathon, 1 x 25k, 2 x 30k, 1 x 15k, 23 x 5k, 3 x 5 miles, 1 x 6hrs endurance, 1 x 12 hrs endurance, and 1 x Obstacle run. (Wow, in 2 years?!!!). And his favorite run is the challenging Quad DipSea!!
When not running around, he likes to watch Let’s Make a Deal, and his favorite movie is Walking Dead.

We asked him —

  • Your bragging right — Sub 2 in his 3rd Half Marathon — Pleasanton Half Marathon – 2012
  • Two people that I would enjoy doing a long run with — It’s hard to find someone to run with because everyone runs different pace. For the last 2 years, I joined many races and I used it as my training.
  • Two truth and one lie about you — I’ve only ran one full marathon and I hate it, but I enjoyed running 50k. I’m a good golfer and my best score is 90.
  • Best advice you ever gave or got — Don’t under-estimate yourself

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