Vinh Ngo

Mr. Ngo claims he is “new to running”, and reports that he has finished 4 races which we think he is either too humble or his memory is fading. His favorite run is at Rancho as well.

Vinh’s favorite TV show is River Monsters, and favorite movies are the Jason Bourne Series. He likes to listen to Daft Punk which explains the hair style. What would he rather be doing during the day? Anything but working!! Mr. Ngo is definitely not alone!!

We asked him –

  • Your bragging right — BQ’d for 2014
  • Two people that you’d enjoy doing a long run with — Kiyoko and Albert
  • Tell us two truth and one lie about yourself — love beer, sweets and soda
  • Best advice you ever gave or got – fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering – Master Yoda


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