Fun Run at Sports Basement in San Ramon (FREE)

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Trivalley Running Club and Sports Basement in San Ramon, CA are hosting the weekly Thursday Fun Run from 6:30 PM – 7:45 PM. Whether you are beginner or veteran runners, come join our fun group run. Families and pets friendly are highly encourage!

Meetup Time: 6:15 PM
Start Run: 6:30 PM
Meetup Location: Sports Basement in San Ramon, CA (1041 Market Pl San Ramon, CA)

* Spring/Fall/Winter Season: 3 miles to 6 miles
* Summer: 5 miles to 6 miles

Course map:
* Spring/Fall/Winter:
>> 3 miles:
>> 6 miles:
* Summer:
>> 5.8 miles:

What to bring:
* Water and sunscreen

Events host by
* Michael, Jay, Herman, or Laura of Trivalley Running Club Members



Fun Run At San Ramon Sports Basement Kickoff

For more information about our group and Sports Basement Store, please visit FB: #trivalleyrunningclub | @sportsbasement | @sportsbasementsanramon

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