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Upcoming Events

24-Sep-2016 – (10K + 5K) San Juan Bautista, CA

04-Sep-2016 – Race To End Of Summer, San Jose, CA

28-Aug-2016 – Sunday Morning Group Run

27-Aug-2016 – Saturday Morning Group Run

21-Aug-2016 – Sunday Morning Group Run

20-Aug-2016 – Saturday Morning Group Run

20-Aug-2016 – Pacing for Double Road Race in San Jose

Recently Post Events

14-Aug-2016 – Sunday Morning Group Run

13-Aug-2016 – Saturday Morning Group Run

10-Aug-2016 – Wednesday Track ‘Tempo’ Workout

07-Aug-2016 – Sunday Morning Group Run

06-Aug-2016 – Pacing for Brazen Bay Breeze Half Marathon

06-Aug-2016 – Saturday Morning Group Run

31-Jul-2016 – Pacing San Francisco Marathon (SFM)

30-Jul-2016 – Shakeout run before SFM

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TVRC Runners and Pacers Celebrated our Amazing Family!

26-Mar-2016 – Run and Pace Livermore Half Marathon

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Fremont Group


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2 thoughts on “Join our group”

  1. Lan Rupf said:

    Hi, hold guide me how to become a pacer for Livermore half


  2. Ann Overstreet said:

    Thank you TriValley Runners for pacing at the San Leandro Half yesterday! You guys were so encouraging! To I-Tao, thank you for your 2:10 group and for being willing to pace for your first time, on the fly! I did not personally get to keep up with the group because a previous hip injury that manifested again at mile 5. But it still encouraged me to keep going even as I watched you guys move farther ahead! Thanks for your cheerfulness! Sincerely, Ann Overstreet (Fresno) P.S. If you have the pictures we took at the start, I would still like to have them. Email is below.:)


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